Monday, November 2, 2009

Bonorong Wildlife Park

Nov. 1 – a.m.

Drove up to the Cradle Mountain area and visited Bonorong Wildlife Park where we could feed wallabies/wallabys (What is the plural of wallaby?), emus, and geese. We got to see several Tasmanian devils which will eventually be released into the wild. There was also a up close and personal encounter with a koala and got to pet it. Because koalas only eat eucalyptus, every fiber exudes it. After petting him, our hands smelled like eucalyptus. And, contrary to what we've all learned to say since childhood, it isn't a koala bear, it's actually in the possum family. That's okay, it still looks like a bear to me and, as Bill pointed out, who wants to call it a koala possum? It just doesn't sound right.

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