Thursday, November 26, 2009

Into a volcano

Nov. 21 – Mount Tarawera

We met a real character today named Charlie. He was our guide to Mount Tarawera which is another dormant volcano. Unfortunately, the mountain had its head in the clouds and it was rather windy, but the wind wasn't strong enough to cancel the hikes which sometimes happens. We were all sorry that the views were hidden by the clouds. On the other hand, it was rather neat to be hiking around in the clouds. There were two walks available. Charlie took anyone who was interested down into the crater, everone else took a short hike around part of the lip of the volcano. Of the Ohio group, only Richard and I went and we were joined by Carl, Mary Ann, Tim and Jeannie. The picture shows Richard taking a break from sliding downhill in the scree.

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  1. That's the spirit - take the more adventurous hike!