Sunday, November 22, 2009

On the search for the elusive platypus

Nov. 17 – Aquarium

Since we weren't able to see any platypuses (platypi? Or is platypus both singular and plural?) in the wild, I really wanted to go see the one at the aquarium. We went and the platypus tank was almost the very first stop. Boy, when they aren't moving they are very difficult to spot. If they are moving, they move so quickly that it is difficult to get a picture. All of mine turned out blurry. Judy was able to get a shot and that was as a movie. (It requires the QuickTime movie player.) He really is a cute little guy and much smaller than any of us expected. At most, they are 20" in length, as opposed to the 3-4 feet that I was expecting. This guy is more like 10-12".

Next we saw the saltwater crocodile, or saltie. (A freshwater croc is a freshie.) The warning sign right next to where I was standing said, “If you survive the fall, you won't survive the crocodile.” Pretty clever way of saying, “Beware of falling.”

We saw lots of great stuff including the dugong, which is a close relative to the manatee. These guys are having their lettuce lunch.

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