Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Climbing Uluru

Nov. 11 – No climbing of Uluru

The aborigines have “reclaimed” Uluru (hence the name change from Ayers Rock) but the Park Service, which still takes care of the area, made sure that the agreement allows the hiking trail to stay open. However, the aborigines do not have a tradition of climbing the rock and request that people don't climb it. Also under certain conditions (temperature is above 36 C, or it is raining, or there is an aboriginal ceremony, etc.) then the trail is closed. Well, it was certainly too hot to climb, but I had already decided not to climb the rock in respect of the wishes of the aborigines. Then I saw the climb and it is too scary! I would've chickened out anyway! See the white line that goes up the center of the rock? Those are poles and chains to assist people on the first part of the climb. Then there isn't anything at all. No thanks!

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