Monday, November 30, 2009

Sure looks like a castle

Nov. 29 – Christchurch

We've left the slightly populated west and the sheep country for the big city of Christchurch. This is our last stop in New Zealand and we are all sad to know that the end of the trip is near. But there are still a couple of days of touring to do, so there isn't time to be sad. On the way to Akaroa we stopped to see some lovely views of Christchurch and interesting buildings along the way. This building is called The Sign of the Takahe (a type of bird) and was built by a gentleman who thought that rest stops were needed by both people and animals on the way up this steep hill. (Switchback roads type of hill.) There were three stops built, but this was the grandest one. It is now a restaurant and hall available for booking.

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