Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Middle of the Continent

Nov. 8 – Alice Springs

Anyone ever see “A Town Like Alice?” Well, this is the town the book was named for. The town was named after someone's wife, but she never visited the place. And there isn't any spring, so the town is mis-named all around. Australians have a sense of humor as you can see by the 2nd hand store picture. Our first serious stop was at the Royal Flying Doctor Service which was started in Alice Springs. This is the only way people in the outback get any medical service. There are no towns to go to for doctors or hospitals, so they arrive by plane. The first plane service to be hired to fly the doctors around was the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service, a new little plane service that has grown over the years – you know it better as Qantas.

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  1. I LOVE the "second-hand store" sign. Bring me a copy of the picture!