Friday, November 27, 2009

Another late start

Oh, no!! My alarm has been acting funny, the battery is wearing down and today it didn't go off at all. Richard called me at 7:10 (by my watch, 7:14 by his watch) asking if I was up yet. In 15 minutes I had to dress, race across the grounds to the breakfast room, get something to eat and be at the bus by 7:25. Thanks to Judy, I had a take-out breakfast which could be eaten on the bus. Whew! I almost missed a great trip! We spent the entire day travelling to and from Milford Sound (4 hours one way), one of the fiords on the western coast of New Zealand. On the way we saw mountain parrots (they are the only parrot species in the world which live in the mountains). These two are obviously used to people and various sizes of vehicles. Just before this shot, they were on the ground a couple of feet away from a bus as it drove off.

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