Friday, November 20, 2009

Bloomfield Falls

Nov. 14 – 4WD part 2

We saw lots of scenery including 3 types of rain forest (narrow leaf, broad leaf and something I'd never heard of before and can't remember) and ended near the aboriginal settlement of Wujal Wujal. Two ladies, Gloria and Kathryn, led us down a trail and through a rocky area to see the Bloomfield Falls which are sacred to their tribe. Along the way they showed us various plants and what their uses are (from medicinal to cooking aids to hair dye) and taught us some words in the Yalanji language. The spelling is probably wrong, but a “googo bama” is a talkative woman. They also gave each of us a vial of water from the sacred falls along with the following message. “The word for spirit, heart and love in Yalanji language is “wawu.” Please take with you the water of our spirit and our love.”

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