Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hot springs and food

Nov. 21 – Te Puia, part 1

In the afternoon we began our Maori cultural experience and walk among the geysers and hot springs. Our tour guides for this experience are both Maori, Anna and Renata (pronounced WREN-ah-tah. Renata is a 4th generation of Maori guides for this area. His tribe lives right next to the hot springs and the hot water from the springs is used for cooking. Our first stop on the walking tout of Te Puia was afternoon tea right on the edge of the trail. The chef cooked our corn on the cob, mussels and prawns in woven flax bags in a hot spring right next to the tent with tables and chairs. The flavor of food cooked this way isn't effected at all by having been cooked that way.

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  1. We had a Guild member named Renata - female. This is interesting to hear of a male named Renata.