Thursday, November 5, 2009


Gee whiz, it's hard to keep up on the blog. I finally have a free internet connection and I'm still a couple of days behind. We've had a great time in Melbourne (pronounced MEL-bin) - we've had a walking tour of downtown, a bus tour of the city, opal shopping (we all spent WAY too much money), visited the casino (my very first visit to a casino) and had an interesting dinner at Cleo's bar. This week and next week are race weeks in Melbourne, and the women are dressed to the nines with hats or other finery in their hair. Judy has a great picture of some of the ladies which I'll post later. She's in bed and I'm not waking her up! Tomorrow we're off to Adelaide.

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  1. It's so much fun following your unfolding adventures. I do hope you are taking time to smell the flowers and stare at the interesting plants.
    What are the people like? Are you getting a chance to just wander around?
    Do tell all