Monday, November 2, 2009

Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain

Nov. 2 – mid-morning

The Cradle Mountain area is absolutely gorgeous. We've driven to Dove Lake for more pictures, including a group picture, and a short walk part-way around it. (left-right: Bill D., Phyllis, Nan, June, Mary, Bill H., kathleen, Richard & Judy. Cradle Mountain is in the background. Can you see the baby laying in the cradle?) Since the weather often closes in and the mountain can't be seen, we are very fortunate to have a beautiful, clear sky. From here we drove to Sheffield the “town of murals.” On the way our driver/local guide, Gail, spotted an echidna crossing the road. There was a convenient place to pull off and we all trundled out of the van to take pictures. We didn't seem to bother the little guy (Marilyn and Gail estimated his/her age as 1 year) and he wandered right up to my feet and was right next to my shoe, sniffing at it. I'd already turned off my camera, and by the time I got it turned back on, he was moving away toward Judy. We were all quite enchanted with the fellow.

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