Friday, December 11, 2009

Arrival in LA

Dec. 1 – Customs

While we supposedly had plenty of time (3 hours) to clear Customs and catch our flight to Chicago, Judy, Richard and I almost didn't make it. We waited in line, and waited in line, and waited some more. Our turn was next and all the agents disappeared. Coffee break time? Who knows what was up. Judy and Richard finally were called up and had to pay some fees, but there was no clerk in the office to take the money. I was held up while they decided if kangaroo leather and crocodile teeth were going to be allowed in the country. It was decided that neither kangaroos nor crocodiles were endangered species and I could bring in the stuff I had purchased. At last we were out of customs. After an extremely fast walk (not quite a run) from terminal 4 to terminal 7, we checked in just under the wire and caught up with everyone else who was on the flight to Chicago.

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