Saturday, October 31, 2009

Port Arthur

Oct. 31 – p.m.

The rest of our day was spent at Port Arthur, a penal colony that was set up in 1830. The first boys' prison in the state was begun to keep the children out of the adult prison and also to teach them a trade and to read and write. Many of the adult prisoners also had schooling. They left England as illiterates who could only sign with an X, and some became teachers for the youth in the boys' prison or for the children of the staff. The picture is the adult prison.

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  1. I thought I would get an e-mail when you posted items to your blog, Nan. But I've received nothing. I just happened to check in today. So glad that you made it - and with luggage!

    I have a request from me and a suggestion for the three of you (speaking in family terms):

    If you see an Australian (or New Zealand or Sydney Opera House) thimble, would you bring one back for my collection? I will reimburse you in December. I was adding a new thimble yesterday and thought of this.

    For the three families: I heard today of "ionic balls" which are available in Europe and Australia but not in the USA. They are used to wash clothes - no detergent or water softener needed. These balls somehow pull the dirt out and can be re-charged by placing them in the sun. Strange! If you see them available someplace, check them out. Bring me a set, also.

    Have a great time. I've been thinking about you. Sue Nelson, who has cousins in Aus., says that New Zealand is beautiful and one of her favorite places. Orion seemed fine today when I stopped by to do his housekeeping. I'm sure that he will miss you, Nan, as the days wear on.